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99 Bricks
Build the highest tower! With 99 Bricks at your disposal, how high wil…
1303 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Burn! Burn it all!
622 plays  Overall rating: 2.4  

Update!!!Addict yourself to this 50-level physics puzzle! You won&…
1273 plays  Overall rating: 1.5  

Robo Riot
Robots are tired of doing the bidding of their human masters and they…
750 plays  Overall rating: 1.8  

Exorbis 2
This is a colorful puzzle game which starts off easy but gets very dif…
488 plays  Overall rating: 3.5  

Fix machines by hooking gears together. Each machine you fix earns you…
1530 plays  Overall rating: 1.8  

Information is freedom. As a hotshot computer security cracker, you w…
1347 plays  Overall rating: 2.9  

Bloody Fun Day
What would Death himself do if he were surrounded by ultra-cute critte…
730 plays  Overall rating: 1.9  

Ultimate Leprechauns
A St. Patrick’s day spot the difference game.
816 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

Throw the blocks together to create chains of 3+, and stack up those c…
641 plays  Overall rating: 1.4  

Filler 2
Filler is back with improved graphics, improved physics, three difficu…
849 plays  Overall rating: 3.2  

Pike Club
Welcome to the Pike Club. Flip tiles, earn scores, spend talent points…
741 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

A tiny spider got into a shuttle and flew to Mars. He got there and ca…
692 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

Gravitex 2
Give your ball just enough power to zoom around orbs in space, grab al…
385 plays  Overall rating: 2.4  

Star Beacons
It’s a peggle like game. The objective is to clear all the s…
700 plays  Overall rating: 2.8  

Water Werks
Unique arcade puzzle game in which you must get your blobs to the exit…
1292 plays  Overall rating: 1.6  

Geologem is an addictive puzzle game with 30 levels and a unique endle…
558 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

Layer Maze 3
Third, the most challenging part of 3D Maze, where you can see only on…
1554 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Crazy Digger
Collect all diamonds to complete level. Dig through green tiles and do…
1338 plays  Overall rating: 3.6  

Spider Solitaire
Arrange the cards on the stacks to form full suits from King down to A…
1372 plays  Overall rating: 1.2  

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